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I'm going to wash that crap right out of my hair...

In my line of work I am around people with all kinds of energy. Addicts, anxiety, stress, sadness, denial. There are times that I found myself feeling these feelings and not knowing why. I was finally able to identify that it wasn’t my energy or emotions. I had somehow picked up others’ energy and emotions throughout my day. Well, that sucked. It’s bad enough when I feel all those things for my own personal reasons. I sure as hell don’t want to drag around energy and emotions that aren’t mine.

I started using a technique that has worked for me and I thought I would share. I can’t be the only one dragging around other people’s sticky murky energy.

While in the shower I set the intention to wash away all the energy clinging to me. Intention is everything. If you look at rituals, traditions, beliefs, it has one thing in common. Intention. So, I visualize a white light coming through my crown flowing through my body. It pushes all of the negative crap out. My energy field gets washed clean by the shower.

I visualize that murky crap running down the drain.

All energy cords that have been attached to me throughout the day are dissolved and run down the drain. I get filled up with white happy light, enough to carry me through the day. To seal the deal when I apply my lotion, I visualize a protective coating sealing my body and making it slippery so that others’ energy slides away. Or at least makes it harder to attach.

Laugh if you will, it has made a huge difference in my day. I also set the intention not to be a complete asshole during my interactions with the other humans on this earth. But that is for another blog.

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