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Making Judgements - Sadhguru

I was mindlessly watching TikTok the other night and stumbled across Sadhguru. He said something

that made me think. It made me REALLY think.

When did I start thinking that I was any better than an ant, a spider, or a person less fortunate than myself? I have done a lot of work around this and realize I am not, but how did it happen that I ever thought that?

He points out that Source put equal time and effort into creating an ant and me.

We are conditioned at a very young age to place less importance on some animals or hell, some humans. If you see an addict struggling do you feel like she is as important as say... your sister? Do you feel "better" than the addict?

It's an ongoing struggle, isn't it? I have to check myself daily for these ingrained beliefs.

Meanwhile, it is easier to take a cricket outside than it is to show an addict some grace. Maybe we need to show each other some grace when we say and do stupid stuff too. Maybe a heartfelt apology is just that. Someone could be learning and growing and willing to admit thinking errors that have been ingrained in them from an early age. I am 61 and it has taken me years to come to this place, and I am still a work in progress!!

Peace, love and joy,


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